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"With English you can buy anything in the world. But if you have something to sell, you had better learn your client's language…"
Leonard Orban
European Commissioner for Multilingualism
English to French translations that hit the target
In an age when business growth is crucial, effective translation must be an essential part of a competitive international business strategy.
The UK and France are major economic and trade partners. In fact, France is the UK's third largest market in both export and supply. Exports to France amount to £20 billion per year and account for nearly10% of UK's visible exports worldwide.
French is also spoken by 200 million people in over 50 other countries, many in the rapidly developing markets in Africa.
Are you getting a slice of this huge market?
Have your business proposals, contracts, press releases, marketing literature, adverts and website professionally translated into French and maximise your impact in overseas markets
Professional translations that convey your full potential in the target market could be the difference between success and failure
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